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Kaikoura lies midway between Picton and Christchurch. According to Maori oral tradition Kaikoura is named after the abundant supply of crayfish [US=Lobster] - kai meaning food and koura meaning crayfish. The Maori have lived in this region for over 950 years. Off the peninsula on which the town was built lies a habitat for numerous marine mammals and birdlife. This is a world renowned whale watching center.

Check out E-mail #1for a description of our visit to the Kaikoura District Museum and Archives. It was fascinating.

About 15 miles north of Kaikoura we stopped at a beach that was literally covered with seals. It was soooooo neat. I'll bet I took close to 2 rolls of film. Don't worry, I'm only putting 3 on line. *vbg




sea Kaikoura

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