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The settlement of Otago was first advocated in 1842 by George Rennie, a Scottish agriculturalist. In 1846 a site of 1400 acres for a future city was surveyed by Charles Kettle, and the first settlers arrived at Port Chalmers in the ships "John Wickliffe" and "Phillip Laing" in March and April 1848. The town was originally to be called New Edinburgh, but the ancient Celtic name for Edinburgh, Dunedin, was finally chosen.

Today a thriving city of Scottish heritage, Dunedin possesses a combination of cultural riches, fine architecture and natural wonders. The spendor of many of its public buildings reflects Dunedin's economic and cultural preminence in Victorian New Zealand, and it boasts a reputation as one of the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens

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Graveyard dating back to the early 1800's

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Mailboxes outside of town

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